Beaches Blues Fest & Danforth Music Festival Presents: GREEN DOOR PRODUCTIONS!

Sunday Nights 7pm till 11pm

Please call 647-349-BLUES to RSVP your seat.

Come see what is happening behind the GREEN DOOR.


R.I.P. Lee Van Leer: 1943-2016

The Beaches Blues Fest & Danforth Music Festival is sad to announce the passing of John Feeney, better known as Lee Van Leer. He was a popular fixture of the Your Ward News office, where he held weekly jam sessions and was the main feature of highly successful concerts. He was the former keyboardist and vocalist for The Sparrows, that later went on to become Steppenwolf.

Lee Van Leer, you will be missed!

PLEASE NOTE: Gary "17" Webb-Proctor, publisher of the East York Chronicle and Toronto Moon Newsletter, is begging for donations using Lee Van Leer's name. His request for money is NOT authorized by Lee's family, band or close friends. Lee Van Leer was NEVER related to Gary 17's operations, and we advise there are NO legitimate requests for donations at the present time.

In the News
Local Toronto Music Promoter Vs Councilor Janet Davis
The creator of the Danforth Music Festival, Leroy St.Germaine, who is currently serving a life sentence as an event planner, requested two permits.

Pressed for time, Leroy decided to go directly to the city.  To enquire if it was legal to have  amplified music on private property. He was told he would not need a permit and could allow the music to run from 11 am straight through 11 pm.

Following the 2nd Annual Danforth Music Festival, Councilor Janet Davis sent a letter to all of the businesses in the area telling them that the event took place without a permit, that it was not approved by the city, and that any business who got involved the following year would be CHARGED.  Not surprisingly, the already struggling proprietors who are not members of a BIA (Business Improvement Association), who participated previously, and any who were considering joining are, at best, reluctant to do so.