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If you fold like a cheap umbrella when it comes to free speech and expression, be prepared to get rained on. Several striking similarities exist between the cancellation of Ukrainian-born pianist Valentina Lititsa’s performance at Roy Thomson Hall and the cancellation of the Beaches Blues Fest at the Melange Restaurant (172 Main St.), the Hirut Café and Restaurant (2050 Danforth Ave.) and the Lake House Bar and Grill (2252 Queen St. E.):

All these establishments were made aware of political opinions that some people didn’t agree with.

All of these locations were pressured by anti-free speech elements to shut down shows because of the political opinions of entertainers or their associates.

Roy Thomson Hall, the Melange, the Hirut and the Lake House not only lost the respect of freedom-loving Canadians, but they can all now be counted on to do the bidding of the terrorists.

All four operations allowed the terrorists to win.

All of them now realize the unfortunate truth that NOT supporting free speech and expression was a terrible response to the threats, and they will now be losing customers. Roy Thomson Hall had been sold out, but was only half-full because people disapproved of the cancellation of Valentina Lisitsa due to politics.

(NOTICE: The word "terrorist" is not referring to violence, but harassment.)